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fitness Gym & personal trainers 
beautiful Belgrade, Montana

welcome back!

What makes us different?

Consider us the ANTI-GYM.

All of our membership options have no fees attached.

Regardless of membership option, your workout is supervised by a qualified fitness trainer.

We specialize in affordable programming and fitness goal attainment. Whether you are getting back into shape or preparing for competition, we can help!

Make each workout a conversation rather than a chore. Turn a trip to the gym into a visit to your friend's place. Don't just transform.



Whether you’re training to lose weight or to gain strength and size, our programs will help improve your fitness and have you feeling great. Our in-person one-on-one training will have you reaching your goals in no time.

Online Training

If you are always on the move, bring your personal trainer with you. Get signed up and we can tailor a program to fit your schedule and give you webcam based, live training at any time!

Fitness Classes

Getting together and making fitness a group activity is a great way to get in shape. Come try our Yoga, Kettlebell, Tai Chi, Krav Maga, or Buti Yoga Classes. We are always looking to expand our class schedule.

Family friendly

Getting in better shape and healthier should be welcome to the whole family. We have workouts for young adults and a play area for the kids a little too young to take on the weights!



Belgrade's first and only workout supllement store has everything you are looking for. save yourself a trip into town. protein, pre-workout, bcaa, fish oil, and lots more!

Meal coaching

Transformations require changes from many angles. We can help you slowly restructure your diet through small changes to help you achieve your goals!

Business hours

Monday - Friday:  5:30 AM - 10:00 PM

Saturday: 7:30 AM - 12:00 PM


Sunday: By Appointment

220 SOUTH Broadway

Belgrade, MT

We JUST MOVED into what used to be Carr's Posie patch. Plenty of off street parking!


We are dog friendly, but we ask that you let us know ahead of time.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”

Mark Twain




Ascension Peak Physique is a fitness studio, gym, supplement store, personal trainers, and nutrition coaches in Belgrade, Montana offering services such as group classes in yoga, pilates, and kettlebell. Certified NASM Trainers Tyler Rittenger and Jeffrey Richey bring a whole new atmosphere and understanding to the gym flow. Popular demand from Greenville, Michigan and Butte, Montana had brought along online memberships and training sessions. Strength training and lifting form combined with conditioning programs bring about a hybrid workout routine tailored to fit each client. Partnering with nutrition companies Tiger Fitness, MTS, and Chaos and Pain, allows our trainers to offer our clients full access to all supplements needed to reach peak performance. Retail space with instant access to a variety of healthy snacks, hormone tests, pre-workout mix, bottles, resistant bands, and Ascension Peak Physique branded attire. Cooler section of our gym offers a wide variety of Gatorade, Fair Life Core Power Protein Shakes, and Bang Pre-Workout Energy Drinks. Children Zone, fit for clients bringing in kids under the age of eight years old, is separate from the workout floor. Dogs are welcome, at the gym owner's discretion. Dog are kept in the office area and away from the gym floor.