January 28, 2019

I got your attention didn't I? And sorry to disappoint, but we aren't going to be talking about the sexy times here. We are going to speak about Myofascial Release. There's a lot of cloudiness regarding it's effect and the research behind it. We are going to look more...

December 5, 2018

It's easy to get home from work, drop the pants and turn on Netflix while heating up some microwave leftovers. Especially as we go into the colder months. Who wants to change into workout gear, march back out in the snow, and burn some calories? It takes a little bit o...

October 8, 2018

It's been pretty amazing meeting people, and getting different perspectives when it comes to eating, nutrition, and health outside of physical activity. A common denominator is the unnecessary complications that people put into it.

Your Calorie Balance is 50% of your di...

July 19, 2018

The variety of people that a gym attracts are far and wide. We have members who are looking to lose weight. Some are gaining, building muscle that they have lost, or never had. But there is something all of these members, this growing family, have in common.

Ascension P...

December 5, 2017

There are more important things in life than money. There is family, learning, music and art, love and friendship, and your health. There is joy, laughter, passion, triumph, the rebound from failure, and the pleasure of accomplishment.

Time to grow up, son. All these im...

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October 8, 2018

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