Free programs, IRM Calculator, Exercise Library Articles, Recipes, Supplements and more!


The most visited fitness website in the world.

simple science fitness


Calorie Calculator, Free Programs, Educational Reource.


This website is a great resource for the fitness beginner!

eat this much


Meal Planning, Calorie Tracking, Food Shopping


For those of us who have trouble knowing what to eat.

symmetric strength


Strength Standards, Analyzer, PL/Wilks score,

Strong/Weak Muscle Groups


A great way to find your weakness and strengths, compare yourself to everyone out there.




Rogue is the leading brand of high quality gym equipment.

titan fitnes



Greater focus on racks and heavy lifting equipment.



Rehabilitation, Therapy Exercises, Physical Treatments

A changing body should be taken care of. A great resource to turn to for sore joints and bones.

testosterone nation


Free Programs, Articles, Education, and Supplements

Also has a great resource page for Self-Myofascial Release!



Supplements, Chemical Information, Nootropics

Changing your body means understanding what you are putting in yourself.

ex rx


ACSM Resource Page

Exercise Library, Podcasts, articles, calculators, forums, education and more!

A full resource library for fitness and exercise.

elite fts


Free Programs, Supplements, Equipment, Articles

Strongman and Power Lifting focused.

dr john rusin


Articles, Rehab and Therapy Exercises

Functional strength focused and strongly supported.

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