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Having a Personal Trainer shouldn't be a premium service. We offer simple fitness coaching for each of your workouts for the price of a gym membership.


The gym should not be an intimidating place to be. It's a Happy Place for all of our clients.You won't find any "drill sergeant" personal trainers here.


While most people start with the same basics, all our clients develop their own unique workout profile custom to fit specific goals, time, and budget.



Actively volunteering and giving back. We encourage our members to do so as well.
We do what is right for all.


Young or old. Male or female. All walks of life come from all over to join our ascension.
We do what is fun and healthy.


Friends, family, children, "fur-babies", loved ones of all sorts. Family is the highest value.

We do it for love.


There is no room for mediocrity. We are constantly improving and never plan to slow down.

We do it for the ascension.


Our Philosophy

Certified Personal Trainers Tyler Rittenger and Jeffrey Richey have experienced the highs and lows when it comes to gyms, their memberships, and the atmospheres around them. After many trials and errors trying to find a comfortable facility to train their clients, it came to the final conclusion. A gym of a whole new breed must be created. A location where anyone can come and work out, get stronger, learn how to be healthier, and be smarter about it. Understanding proper form means better and safer workouts. Workouts that are rigorous while enjoyable. Life is a wild ride and it can be difficult to balance a busy schedule with also coming to the gym. Finding easier ways to fit everyone's life with different workout plans, classes, and listening to clients means a better environment for everyone. This gym is a living, breathing club that will change as people join and find a different selves. Everyone is welcomed with a warm greeting and a smile.

When 2020 saw the Covid-19 Outbreak and Quarantine, we had to make a decision. A lot of our membership was impacted financially and we decided to close the doors at our new facility on 220 S Broadway. We had a great adventure, met some amazing people, and learned a lot about opening our first business. Times change quickly and one must overcome and adapt.

Ascension Peak Physique is not done here. ONLINE TRAINING is where we have moved our focus. We will gladly meet you at any facility you wish to work with you and find your goals. Our new Trainerize App is great for tracking your goals, communicating with your trainer, and finding the workouts that give you the results you desire. Don't hesitate. Contact us today and find out how you can Ascend  to your Peak Physique!