Our Ascension built program based on a 5x5 program and is designed to cycle through linear progression with changes in weight and reps. Our introduction includes a list of available abdominal and cardio focused movements.


Simply type your one repetition maximum for each main lift in the ONE REP MAXES boxes in the boxes, it calculates the rest!

This 3-day a week program, where rest days are filled with low impact workouts such as yoga. Weights are automatically calulated for Main Lifts only. Make sure you complete at least 1-3 AB and 1-3 ACCESSORIES in that order of importance.


Make sure you start out each workout with a quick but solid ab movement. We suggest at least 3 sets of 2 movements with moderate to high reps, pending the movement. Remember, all movements should be Ab workouts, so focus on keeping your abdominal active throughout your entire workout. Exhale using your belly.



These are very important if you on a weight loss goal. Be sure to find a way to track heart rate. Find your resting heart rate. Maintain 120% heartrate during rest periods. Your goal is to get to 180% during our movements. Per the Mayo Clinic, using your age, the sheet will calculate your maximum heart rate. Enter your resting heart rate, in beats per minute, and we can give you your workout range.

3 Day-A-Week Strength Building Program (Novice)