Transformations come with time and commitment. There is no shortcut.

The variety of people that a gym attracts are far and wide. We have members who are looking to lose weight. Some are gaining, building muscle that they have lost, or never had. But there is something all of these members, this growing family, have in common.

Ascension Peak Physique has seen it's own transformations. An ambitious dream with a simple goal in mind: make everyone healthier around you. We meet new people everyday wanting to change their old, unhealthy habits. And we get so excited to see people transform.

Our family, our team, our motley crew, has seen many changes. That's what we push ourselves to do. Constant improvement. Jeff and Tyler are constantly trying new workouts. What are new ways of pushing yourself physically? How can we have fun doing it?

Tyler and Jeff have both pushed themselves to exhaustion with their own designs and builds of workouts. They know that there are no shortcuts to being physically healthier and stronger. Transforming the traditional concept of weight lifting and bringing fun new ways to keep people engaged and smiling through the sweat.

This level of commitment has brought them a fantastic reputation for offering a fun and laughter filled workout while guaranteeing results. It comes with time, effort, sweat and volume. We all expect the best and most out of each person.

Giving our members all the tools they need is vital. Make sure they are getting the nutrients needed to grow or lose weight at a healthy rate. Close one-on-one time getting to know how each member feels as they get through the workout. And our more experienced members help others.

Our members are committed to changing something about themselves. Stronger, thinner, bigger, whatever it is, one thing is the same: Change. And we all support each other knowing there is no shortcut.

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