Nutritional Magnitudes

It's been pretty amazing meeting people, and getting different perspectives when it comes to eating, nutrition, and health outside of physical activity. A common denominator is the unnecessary complications that people put into it.

Your Calorie Balance is 50% of your diet. Simply how much stuff are you putting away. The remaining 50% is macronutrients, timing, composition and supplements, with supplements being the least important. That's right, you read that correctly. The Gym Bros say Supplements are not the only answer!

We have been able to work with our clients to have a better understanding of what they can eat. It simply comes to substitutions for the foods we are already eating. There are great alternatives that can greatly decrease or increase Calorie intake without making dramatic measures or lifestyle changes.

Let's take myself for example. Walking into the gym at about 135 pounds with pockets full of change. Tyler and Jeffrey suggested small changes to help get the ball rolling. Since we were working out, post-workout protein shakes become my new playground. I like trying different ingredients in the blender with different flavor proteins to create my own concoctions. My current favorite?

2 Scoops of your Favorite Protein

1 Banana

1 Handfull Blueberries

1 Handfull Oats

1 Tablespoon of Peanut Butter

12-14 oz of whole milk

That great little mix has the anti-oxidants you need from blueberries, potassium from the banana, high Calorie intake from whole milk, oats for next day energy, protein for muscle repair. It tastes great and makes about two pint glasses. Great addition to dinner!

I have also taken on making breakfast a vastly more important meal of the day. Throw a scoop of protein mix in your milk before adding to your cereal. I thought it was going to be too weird. It was delicious.

Dinner is being more conscious of what I'm putting inside my body. Rather than just hitting the drive through for a fast food burger, I'm cooking chicken and rice at home. I like the better physical feeling I have from a home cooked meal, and it's super easy to prep a chicken breast, cook on the stove top with rice in a separate pot. Simple substitution that maintains my Calorie intake, while bringing in better macronutrients than any fast food can give you.

Tyler and Jeffrey have both been down the paths of unhealthy life choices, and suffered the consequences. Keeping changes simple is the key to maintaining lifestyle adjustments. Looking at the big picture of diet magnitudes and adjusting people's mindset. We are all surrounded by voices and advertisements making big promises, overnight success stories, and ultimately, either a fitness failure or self-destructive health decision.

Just liking making changes to your body comes with time and commitment, so does making new eating habits and finding new paths of Calorie intake. It will takes months of staying on top of yourself and pushing to maintain new changes to reach a peak physique. This is your ascension!