Our Trainers

Tyler Rittenger


CEO, Co-Founder, Personal Trainer


Tyler Rittenger is a Personal Trainer who helps total beginners and novices become familiar and adept at functional movement patterns and proper lifting techniques. He believes that strength training is for everyone. He uses a combination of strength training, Yoga, Kettlebell and conditioning exercises to push clients to new heights.


Before opening Ascension Peak Physique with fellow trainer Jeffrey Richey, Tyler began training in 2013 and became a NASM certified personal trainer in 2016. After working in a number of fitness facilities, he eventually realized that he required his own space to conduct his style of training.


Tyler enjoys a balanced strength/aesthetic style of training and likes to incorporate primarily barbell and dumbbell movements. He enjoys lifting heavy things, a good scotch, death metal and his favorite food is a simple cheeseburger and french fries! During his down time, Tyler spends time with his daughter and enjoys reading, video games and Magic: The Gathering card game. He's probably the second nerdiest gym-rat you'll ever meet (Jeffrey takes the trophy).

Jeffrey Richey

COO, Co-Founder, Personal Trainer

Jeffrey remembers growing up in Greenville, MI always being a heavy kid, even considered obese entering middle school and high school. Carrying weight carries the burden of unhappiness and a sense of hopelessness. At the age of 18, Jeffrey weighed 335 pounds and was eating the most unhealthy lifestyle. His knees hurt to go upstairs, couldn't run, feet would go numb, always out of breath.

At the age of 22, the realization occurred. Lots of screaming and yelling, and Jeffrey said it was time to change those bad eating habits and started to exercising regularly. Protein shakes, running 3 miles a day, to start, but lost over 100 pounds in 2 years!

He joined Tyler Rittenger in researching the benefits of weight lifting, nutrients, and micro-bio. This is when Jeffrey really started having fun with the getting healthy. The ascent was on! P90X, HIIT, and constant need for improvement, Jeffrey found himself at a solid weight of 170 pounds at the age of 25 years old.

Jeffrey now works very closely with Tyler in the creation of Ascension Peak Physique, constantly striving to offer more services to our clients. From humble beginnings of personal training memberships to offering a 24 hour full service Gym with nutrient plans, supplements, classes, and everything to get into and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It's fun! And Jeffrey wants to show everyone that this journey is an exciting ride.


Matt McGee

CIO, Co-Owner, Marketing Manager

Raised in Butte, MT, Matt was already an active kid, even taking his football and track career into the college level. After graduating from Black Hills State University, Bachelor’s of Science Psychology /Marketing in hand, he moved to Bozeman, MT in 2012. Matt took on a Sales career at the local Subaru, VW, Hyundai dealership, showed great work ethic, and was quickly promoted to New Car Manager by 2014. Before long, he's managing the fastest growing New Car department of any Subaru Dealership in the country by 2015! Matt found an opportunity to get out of the auto industry and now focuses on diving head first into the fitness world.


Matt is a Peak Performer. There’s no room for mediocrity and Ascension is all about it. His marketing prowess, his determination and only knowing constant improvement, brings this humble gym a leading edge in exposure and growth.

Outside of being a workaholic, Matt really enjoys getting out in the mountains. He was a Certified PSIA/AASI Ski and Snowboard instructor and enjoys playing in the snow, especially Big Sky. Camping, floating, hiking, or at the very least, go to the dog park with his Border Collie Toby is always on his agenda. Matt is another nerd, and how he fits in with the rest. Video games, history, and reading are among his downtime hobbies.

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